Why Body Wrap®

Body Wrap® Shapewear

Join the Shapewear revolution today with BodyWrap®. Shapewear can now be considered fashionable thanks to our new collection of Sheer Iridesscent® Body Wrap styles. You will be able to tone up and slim down while staying sexy. There are 5 different types of BodyWrap® Shapewear to suit every size and style, including Body Wrap Regular®, Body Wrap Full Figure®, Body Wrap Lites®, Body Wrap Lites Lace® and Sheer Iridescent®. Whether you need one of our Regular Body Wrap® for everyday use or a Sheer Iridesscent Body Wrap® for a special occasion, we have the perfect BodyWrap®, for you.

Body Wrap Model and Diagrams

BodyWrap® shapewear is made with a patented design that includes a specialized weaving technology. Panels with different levels of control and tension allow Body Wrap® shapewear to maximize the slimming effect on strategic points of your body, while enhancing others. This creates the perfectly tailored body shape you want.

Maximium Tension to Minimum Tension

With Body Wrap®

Woman Wearing Body Wrap

Strategic body points are smoothed and toned while other parts are enhanced.

Without Body Wrap®

Woman Not Wearing Body Wrap

Without BodyWrap® it is hard to hide those unsightly pantylines and bulges.

BodyWrap® is the next generation of shapewear. Wearing this revolutionary modern shapewear will allow you to get the toned silhouette you’ve always wanted while avoiding panty lines and bulges. BodyWrap® allows you to wear the clothes you want and feel confident in how you look. For someone that has just had a baby or a major surgery, BodyWrap® shapewear is a popular way to hold muscles and organs in place. Our shapewear also helps improve circulation. The benefits of BodyWrap® go beyond just looking good-they help you feel good.

View our demo video to learn more about how BodyWrap® will give you the smooth, toned shape you are looking for!

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